New to Hearing Aids?

Those who suffer from hearing loss generally wait far too long before getting help. They've often forgotten what it is like to have normal hearing.

How do you know if you need hearing aids?

Ask yourself the questions to the right. If you answered “Yes” to any of them, you may be one of 48 million Americans—roughly 20% of the population—who struggle with hearing loss.

  • Are you having trouble hearing in noisy environments?

  • Are you always asking people to repeat what they said?

  • Are you having trouble hearing conversations on your cell phone?

  • Are your family members complaining that you have the TV too loud?

  • Are you struggling to hear conversations when more than one person speaks at a time?

We’re here to help you find hearing aids designed to address your hearing loss as well as your hearing lifestyle.

Almost every major brand of hearing aids can be programmed to fit nearly any hearing loss issue. So, finding the right hearing aid depends on identifying which environments pose the greatest challenges to your hearing, and determining which technology features are the best fit for your lifestyle.

To help make your selection easier, we’ve grouped every major hearing aid into four Hearing Lifestyle Levels that share performance and technology attributes to address specific environmental challenges and hearing lifestyles.

The Four Hearing Lifestyle Levels Are:





Each of these levels includes a variety of hearing aids from the top manufacturers so you can find the right device for you.

What Hearing Lifestyle Are You?

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